A Tribute to Priscilla Angenor | Empower Her Network
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The network is heartbroken to share a piercing loss to both the anti-trafficking community and the underserved immigrant population. Priscilla Angenor, attorney and integral board member of Empower Her Network, left this world more capable than she found it. As we grieve in our shocked state, it’s hard to find words worthy of a life that touched so many, a life of selfless service. Mixed with our despair is a deep gratitude for the positive change Priscilla inspired through the determined, enlightened way she navigated life. She used her powerful voice to make us think and laugh, all while fighting on behalf of those too often unheard.

At a meeting in January of 2019, each board member stood up to answer the question, “Why Empower Her Network?” Priscilla’s response stood out from the rest, surfacing from deep within. She spoke with sharp, precise language about absolute liberation for all. The room was silenced when she finished. In only 30 seconds, she could express—with much more efficacy— what might take the rest of us several minutes.

This past January, after a board dinner in New York City, Priscilla returned to Boston on a train that departed at one in the morning. When pressed about why she needed to leave so late, she shared that members of her church were being scammed over tax refunds. Always thinking of others first, Priscilla wanted to attend services that day to educate, and help, the community. If no one asked, we wouldn’t have known she was going from one-weekend volunteer commitment to another—she humbly walked the walk and didn’t need praise or credit for her service. Priscilla served because she was grateful that she could. How lucky we all are for her gifts, which she willingly and selflessly shared.

That’s the Priscilla we knew. A fierce advocate for absolute liberation whose actions will live on.

Thank you, Priscilla, for sharing all you were with the network.

Rest in peace, dear friend.