Speaker Series: Empowering Trafficking Survivors Across the USA
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Inaugral Speaker Series – A Huge Success

Inaugral Speaker Series – A Huge Success

Empowering Human Trafficking Survivors Across the United States

June 29, 2020 — On Wednesday, June 24, Empower Her Network (EHN) hosted its inaugural speaker series via Zoom to inspire and strengthen connections between EHN members and their allies. Carissa Phelps, CEO of Runaway Girl, Inc., EHN Board Member, Survivor Leader, and Attorney, discussed her journey and offered powerful tips for women in similar circumstances.

“It’s easy to get caught up and concerned with what other people think of us, which can keep us from reaching our full potential,” Phelps told participants. “Individually, we need to understand what’s important. We need to get up and go and only think about impressing one person: ourselves. How can I blow my mind? How can I make myself proud? Instead of worrying about everyone else.”

Empower Her Network launched this series with its 39 national partner organizations and over 100  members (trafficking survivors) in attendance.

“We need connection. We are not alone. And we are capable of so much more when we band together,” said Executive Director and Advocate, Kristy Norbert.

For the next two months, the EHN speaker series will be for members only. However, the network will host quarterly sessions, like the one on June 24, that will be open to the public. The best way to stay informed and notified for the next online event will be by signing up for the EHN newsletter, following EHN on social media, or visiting the website.

An EHN partner commented, “What a powerful presentation. I was not expecting that many survivors to be watching. I LOVED IT! Just wow! I commend you for such an amazing offering, and I am so thankful to have been able to view it.”

With such a successful inaugural event, EHN is surely onto something. Their next publicly available speaker series is on September 16. Details and online registration will be available in August.


About Empower Her Network: Modern slavery is a human rights emergency, affecting 21 million people worldwide.  Rescuing people from slavery without a post-rescue plan leaves survivors vulnerable to re-trafficking and further exploitation, which is why Empower Her Network exists – to provide those with a will to independence a path forward.  For more information, go to www.empowerhernetwork.org or contact Kristy Norbert: knorbert@empowerhernetwork.org