2021 Annual Appeal
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Member empowered to become a cosmetologist through her Empowerment Plan.

“I am empowered by the amazing support and guidance I have been provided with. It makes me feel like I can finally move forward in life without fear of losing it all.”

– EHN Member

Painting by EHN member: I am a strong woman and am stronger with the help, support, and empowerment of this network.

Americans are waking up to the reality that people are trafficked here, in all 50 states. We read headlines like Ashton Kutcher helps save 6000 people from human trafficking, but what happens afterward? How does a survivor get an apartment with no credit or bad credit? How can they find a steady wage job with gaps on their resume and no references? The hard truth is, without a plan and support, most fall into homelessness or are re-trafficked.

Empower Her Network is the only national program for survivors that ends generational cycles of violence, exploitation, and poverty by paving a path to financial freedom. Over 12-18 months, local advocates work with survivors on removing housing barriers, financing education, and uncovering employment opportunities. The approach works. 89 Empower Her Network alumni are now fiscally independent and living in safe housing. 112 survivors are actively working on an Empowerment Plan so that they, too, can be self-sufficient. Collectively, their 207 children will be raised in a safe space, rewriting family narratives for generations to come. But many more survivors are ready and waiting.

We need your help.

Please, donate and give the greatest gift of all: opportunity. Every single dollar raised goes to directly to program expenses*.

For stock donations or estate planning, please email Juliette Zamor.

“I will empower others who’ve been where I’ve been. I will empower kids whose voices were once silenced. And I will empower our world to not just read about human trafficking but do something about it.”

– EHN Member

Member’s cap and gown for graduation!

*The NoVo Foundation underwrites all of Empower Her Network’s operating expenses through 2022. All individual donations go directly to program expenses. An independent audit for the year 2020 determined only 5.9% of the network’s revenue was spent outside of programming (compared to a national average of 18.1%).
Would you like to find out more about the Empower Her Network? Download our PDF with complete details.