Empower Her Network Honored to Speak on Two Podcasts
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EHN Honored to Speak on Two Podcast Shows

EHN Honored to Speak on Two Podcast Shows

Within the last month, Empower Her Network (EHN) has been honored to speak on the topic of human trafficking on two separate podcasts.

THE RAW PODCAST with Tammy Polenz, President of Vedas Living & the RAW Podcast

The RAW podcast is where real authentic women talk about various topics to help educate and elevate women and men. Past broadcasts have included spiritual fulfillment, personal well-being, and career and business development. Kristy Norbert, Co-Founder and Executive Director of EHN, and Erica Howard and Akia Lampkin, both NE Ohio EHN Advocates, joined Tammy Polenz, President of Vedas Living/the Raw Podcast. This informative discussion revolved around the issue of sex trafficking in Cleveland, Ohio. You’ll be amazed at how pervasive this problem is and what EHN is doing about it. Plus, they give informative advice on how you can help. Listen to the podcast here or watch it below.


How can we help survivors of human trafficking? – From Foster Care to Family Law, A Child Welfare Focus

To raise awareness about human trafficking, Child Welfare Attorney Susan Chestnut interviews Kristy Norbert, Co-Founder and Executive Director of EHN, where she talks about EHN’s mission to help survivors of human trafficking. Empower Her Network raises funds and supports survivors in finding a path to personal growth and success. This informative hour-long podcast shares the following: why EHN was started; things the organization aims to do for those who need assistance; components and timeline of Empowerment Plans; how you can get involved, and much more! Click here to listen or listen below.

We are truly grateful to be a part of both of these excellent podcasts and appreciate their willingness to discuss human trafficking, along with EHN’s involvement to help survivors rewrite their narratives.