What Empower Her Network Means to Me | Human Trafficking Organization
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What EHN Means to Me

What EHN Means to Me

Empower Her Network. I think the stars must have aligned – as a matter of fact, I think my soul was looking for an opportunity like this – literally, RUNNING toward it. My day job: brand management and art director. Side gig: contributing my skillsets as part of the marketing team for EHN. Why? What does this organization mean to me? Have I directly been affected by human trafficking? The answer is No. But by nature, I am an empath. And I just care. 

It’s gotta be more than about me. We are only here on this earth for a short time, and I felt I needed to make a difference, in some way, and somehow.

Little did I know, this seed was planted elsewhere. (Backstory, backstory, backstory) I was at church, and they were sponsoring an outreach– boots on the ground organization that provides hot meals, a safe place to hang out, and resources (some HOPE!), to women and children at risk or involved with sexual exploitation or being trafficked in the nearby motels, just on the outskirts of Atlanta. (By the way, Atlanta is number two in the nation with the highest number of reported human trafficking cases). That was my first eye-opening exposure to what’s happening in society, right in the city I live in.

So, I volunteered to bring lunch for the day. And I saw incredible women. Women striving to keep a roof over their heads – or their children’s heads, keep food on the table. People who needed a hand UP. I learned how this organization provides a book of “resources.” For example, getting a copy of your birth certificate, local and government agency programs that provide assistance, and where to get treatment at a rehab program.

That’s when it hit me. Empower Her Network is a natural fit as a resource! EHN is the next step for those ready to move forward in life – but need a little help in getting started. There was one woman in particular who was prepared for this next step. I was able to connect Kristy Norbert, co-founder of EHN, with the founder of the organization I’d brought lunch for that day. Together they began the process of providing assistance to this person.


What a feeling. To be a connector, get the word out about how Empower Her Network can help, whether it’s for an individual or connecting organizations to EHN. Being a part of EHN means I can be part of the solution! And that’s what it’s all about!


Jennifer Medina-McCormick is a graduate of the Art Institute Atlanta and brings 25 years of experience as a Brand Consultant and Graphic Designer. When the opportunity presented itself to work with EHN on the Advisory Committee, it just made sense. Jennifer is excited to bring her knowledge and expertise to continue to promote and elevate the Empower Her Network brand.