Empower Her Network collaborates with ready survivors of human trafficking who find themselves in the same vulnerable circumstance that led to their initial exploitation by removing housing barriers, financing education, and uncovering employment opportunities.

The  key to EHN’s early and ongoing success is rooted in its strong partnerships with residential shelters that reach a point where they have provided all the basic needs, therapeutic support, and social services available and it is time for the survivor to move on. It is a delicate moment: independence is possible but barriers abound. Our strategic partners nominate ready survivors who are at this critical juncture so that we can assist in paving a path that accounts for housing, education, and/or employment. Destination: Her choice.

The U.S. is in need of an organization that takes survivors down a path to independence and we are proud to partner with Lulu Frost and Blue Shoe Strategy to take on this worthy mission. Our pilot Empowerment Plan program is off and running.