**To protect the anonymity of our candidates, all of our survivors will be labeled Ms. X,
and locations will not be disclosed to protect their privacy.

After being trafficked for almost 20 years, Ms. X  has taken impressive steps to achieve stability. In July, she got her first job in a restaurant—it is the first time in her life she has worked in an environment where she is not exploited but rather empowered and excited by her work. She loves her work in the restaurant and, after years of struggling financially, she is earning consistent paychecks. For the past two years this client has lived in a homeless shelter  because, until a few months ago, has been unable to even think about paying rent. Now that she has a great job, the last piece of her stability is her housing—she is finally earning enough to pay rent, but the costs associated with applying for, and moving to, a new apartment have prevented her from leaving the shelter she hates so much. I can only imagine how much she will excel once she is in a living situation where she feels happy and supported.

Ms. X is a 23 year old who was labor trafficked from Senegal 3 years ago.  She was held up in her trafficker’s home and forced to clean a factory every night, earning $5 a night.  In Senegal, Ms. X finished her business law degree – but came here looking to earn higher wages for her family.  She speaks 4 languages, and is incredible eager and motivated to go to school here to get a degree in psychology or social work to help other women who have been in her shoes.  She is also interested in business law and eventually pursuing INTERPOL, which would be her ultimate achievement. Ms. X is waiting for her T Visa, and teaching herself Spanish as she waits.


Ms. X is a 26 year old labor trafficking survivor from Ghana with big dreams to work in the culinary industry. Ms. X is in the process of applying for a T Visa, and has been patiently waiting until she has legal status so she can apply for financial aid and attend college. Her dream is to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Culinary Arts, with a minor in Business Administration, so that she can run her own bakery in the future. She is incredibly eager to begin her education, and jumps at any opportunity to take classes. She is currently taking a noncredit class entitled Food and Film, and the joy she gets from being in class and talking about food is palpable. She rents a room in an apartment iand works at a bakery in the neighborhood. She is one of our most reliable and responsible clients and I have no doubt that she would excel in school if given the opportunity.

Ms. X is a 19 year old girl who "just wants to get her life back".  She has been raped, trafficked, and kicked out of her foster home because she was labeled a slut.  Her dream is to get a nursing assistance license that lands a steady-wage job allowing her to continue with courses that further her career.  Ms.X needs a door to appear; once it's there , she is eager to open it and head down the path to independence.