Kristy Norbert

Executive Director and Co-founder

Appreciating that circumstance is all that separates her reality from those of marginalized populations, Kristy has spent 17 years leveraging her social worker background as an advocate for the vulnerable among us. Empower Her Network benefits from all Kristy learned and experienced during her time as Executive Director of Boys Hope Girls Hope of Baltimore and Her Future Coalition. She runs transparent programs with the goal of building up those in need towards a day where they can support themselves. As Dorothy Day stated, “We have all known the long loneliness, and we have found that the answer is community”.

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Board of Directors

Abby Fabiaschi

Chair and Co-founder

Abby Fabiaschi is a mother, novelist, and human rights activist that has long been a believer in economic solutions to social and cultural problems. When she read HALF THE SKY five years ago it ignited a fierce desire to fight the human trafficking epidemic, and she joined the board of Her Future Coalition, which works with survivors in Asia. She came to learn there are three main components to the movement: legal aid/policy, rescue, and rebuilding lives. That last piece is particularly important: Rescue without an aftercare plan results in re-trafficking, further exploitation, or a life of poverty. It’s also tricky: There isn’t a one-path-fits-all solution. Abby is thrilled to bring the tenants of what she learned with HFC to help transform the lives of survivors domestically at Empower Her Network. With resources and effort, a path to independence is attainable.

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Christine Merser


Christine Merser has spent much of her adult life focused on women’s issues. She founded The Women’s Resource Center in 1992, the first referral database for women, and continued feeding her burning desire to empower all women through her blog, Freesia Lane www.FreesiaLane.com and her Podcast, Screen Thoughts www.ScreenThoughts.net, where she appears as Hollister on the flip side of O’Toole reviewing film and television and its effect on the female gender. Her company, Blue Shoe Strategy, provides all the marketing and social media for Empower Her Network. She is committed to the future of women rebuilding lives after such difficult experiences.

Maureen O'Toole


Maureen has had a long career in finance, starting at a time when there were few senior female role models. Coming of age in the early days of feminism made its mark and she was determined to be financially independent. That belief found an avocation when she initiated her fundraising work with Women's World Banking, a global women's focused micro finance group. Hearing first hand from women whose incomes "helped me keep my daughter from being trafficked" opened up a new passion for ensuring women had education and access to financial independence. Two years ago she heard a presentation about the size and scope of the US trafficking industry and her thoughts expanded towards the US. Maureen met Abby and Kristy during a brief interlude at Her Future Coalition. When asked to join the board of their new effort she jumped at the opportunity to work with these committed women, in an area that seems to be the culmination of years of work.

Chetana Gowda

After learning about the human trafficking epidemic in India, where Chet's parents were born and extended family remains, Chet became determined to be a part of the solution. Appreciating the correlation between education and opportunity led Chet to Empower Her Network, where she is excited by the possibilities presented to the survivors among us. Chet graduated from Johns Hopkins University and The London School of Economics. She lives with her husband and two boys in Tampa, Florida.

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Advisory Network

Dr. Kimberly Mehlman-Orozco

Dr. Mehlman-Orozco currently serves as the CEO of an anti-trafficking consulting firm, Mahn, Mehlman & Associates, and teaches human trafficking and social justice material at her alma mater George Mason University. Her book, Hidden in Plain Sight: America's Slaves of the New Millennium, is a leading resource for anti-trafficking advocates.

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Kush Patel

Kush Patel is an entrepreneur who believes in taking an active role in helping others. Leveraging his 8 years of business and real estate experience, he has consistently sought the opportunity to mentor or champion others. From being one of the pilot members of the SPARK tutoring program at Babson College, to working with Made By Survivors in a consulting and fundraising capacity, to mentoring inner-city high school students through Minds Matter Boston, Kush has a history of being involved in causes that enhance opportunities for individuals from a variety of backgrounds and situations.

Lisa Salzer-Wiles

Designer Lisa Salzer-Wiles founded jewelry brand Lulu Frost in 2004 with the purpose of spreading meaning through each of her works.  Lulu Frost is beloved for its modernistic approach to celebrating the past, coupled with a brand commitment to create lasting value and meaning in each and every piece.  Lisa believes,  "Metal is from the earth, it is so rich and elemental. The power and energies it carries, become those that the wearer can carry".

Julie Zuraw

Julie Zuraw is CEO of the Julie Zuraw Group, a consultancy that has been committed to developing executive leaders, and particularly women, since 2003.  She is an expert in corporate positioning strategy, having been the strategy lead for the Publicis Brand Optimization Systems Group, where she built the group’s brand education practice and oversaw global client operations and brand identity initiatives.  She has held various management roles in New York City political campaigns, and has been a faculty member at both Columbia University and Barnard College, where she has taught courses to undergraduates on skill-development pedagogy and to graduate students on pitching their professional projects, in addition to developing the renowned "Speaking Fellows" program, which builds young women's voice and power.  Julie is a graduate of Bryn Mawr College.

Melissa Cohn

One of the most successful mortgage bankers in the country, and an advocate for women having a home of their own through her not-for-profit AHomeOfHerOwn.org, Melissa's group has already assisted with some funding for survivors, to obtain housing through contributions for furniture and deposits. "I'm all about helping women obtain a home of their own, which for me, seems to be paramount in building a new, safe, productive, and fun life. Without a home base, we have no boat to steer to other pastures. It's a pleasure working with EHN to deal with housing issues for women on their way home.