Balancing Act

Imagine you are a young girl living in poverty.  Someone comes in and promises hope for your future, a better life for you and your family.  You take that opportunity, only to learn that you were tricked.  You find yourself being a commodity of a…

Celebrating Diwali 

Thursday, the day of Diwali, as I waited to pick up my son at school, I scrolled through Facebook and couldn’t help but smile at all the lovely Diwali posts. Pictures of people dressed in their Indian finery and celebrating this holiday left me nostalgic….

When we know better, we do better.

I’ve worked with incredibly vulnerable populations in my life.  I’ve looked in the eyes of dying people in hospice, and held their loved ones hands as they passed.  I’ve been in houses and witnessed children getting abused, drugs being used, and saw poverty at it’s…

Domestic Trafficking

News surrounding domestic trafficking often focuses on policy and rescue, but after being “saved” survivors find themselves in the same vulnerable circumstances that initially led to exploitation. Here, Dr. Kimberly Melhman-Orozco documents this plight: “What the sex trafficking headlines fail to convey and the public…