So, wait, first, what do you do?

News surrounding human trafficking often focuses on policy and rescue, but skips over what happens after being “saved,” when survivors find themselves in the same vulnerable circumstances that initially led to exploitation. That’s where Empower Her Network steps in. We work with partner organizations to identify survivors with a will for independence. Once a needs assessment is complete, we collaborate on an Empowerment Plan that acts as a roadway for her journey to independence. As every survivor is different, so is every Empowerment Plan. All  program funds go directly from EHN to the source of support, be it rent, vocational training, college courses, or childcare.

Sounds great. How’d you get started?

Meet our founders— Kristy Norbert and Abby Fabiaschi . They are both believers in the power of economic solutions for vulnerable populations, and connected while working with an organization that provided funding to programs in Asia aimed at helping survivors of human trafficking achieve fiscal independence. Drawn together by shared core values and beliefs, when they realized an organization with the same mission didn’t exist domestically, they decided to build one. Kristy and Abby believe that:

Circumstance is all that separates us from those enslaved

Circumstances can be changed

Fiscal independence is key to breaking the cycle of exploitation

Readiness matters: a will for independence is essential

It is our duty to provide total financial transparency to our donor community

Take me through how EHN evolved
from an idea to an organization.

From the moment the concept was hatched, the universe was on our side. Christine Merser joined our board and donated all the marketing resources needed to build an organization from scratch (hint: it’s a lot); Liza Salzer from Lulu Frost designed a beautiful bracelet, launching in November, to help us gain awareness and raise money; donors banded together to fund our pilot program; shelters validated the need by immediately knowing survivors in a position to benefit from our program. All this is to say, it blossomed from an idea to reality because a great many people decided to make it so, and we couldn’t be more grateful. The future looks brighter already.