Outcomes - Empower Her Network
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As an exceptionally tech-savvy NGO, EHN has tracked outcomes since day one and they are astounding!

With five years of data, it can be said with certainty:


100% of
program alumni

graduate with stable housing


average income increase
over 16.5 months*

*This is often only the beginning;
many survivors graduate as they complete
a program with a more promising career path.

310+ children

who were once at high-risk
of being trafficked, now live
above the poverty line
in safe housing

The network also has qualitative measurement tools to track

progress on the more subjective components of the program —

curating confidence; igniting hope; establishing focus.

These life skills are purposefully held back from trafficked persons and need to be relearned.

Below is one real-world example of this less tangible, but critical growth:

Day one of meeting a survivor was asked, Who do you trust?” and she responded, “No one.”

Three months later, after EHN bridged a gap with her education and housing that has her living independently for the first time while balancing school and full-time employment, she was asked again,

“Who do you trust?” and responded, “Myself. I am strong and smart and knew I could do this.”