EHN Speaker Series
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EHN Speaker Series

It's our hope that this quarterly series will inspire and strengthen connections between EHN members and their allies.


Wednesday, June 16, 2021  /  8pm EST / 5pm PDT  /  Webinar, Registration Required 

We are pleased to announce our latest speaker series featuring Dr. Tonya Cornileus, VP of Development, Inclusion and Wellness for ESPN. Tune into our webinar on Wednesday, June 16, at 8pm EST / 5pm PST.

Dr. Tonya Cornileus will join us to discuss how to balance the post-pandemic world with living a conscious and purposeful life.


Questions she’d like you to consider as you prepare for the session are:


    1. How do you describe yourself to others?
    2. What are your top 5 values?
    3. What are your natural gifts and talents?
    4. How do you want to make your mark in the world?
    5. What is an Aha! Moment that changed you/your life in a material way?


Join us for an inspiring and insightful session with Dr. Tonya Cornileus.

Please click this link to register. This month’s series is open to the extended Empower Her Network family, so please feel free to share the link and invite others to join us. 

More about Tonya Cornileus
Dr. Tonya Cornileus is the vice president, development, inclusion and wellness at ESPN where she serves as an integral member of the Human Resources senior leadership team and regularly acts as an advisor to senior management at ESPN. Dr. Cornileus is responsible for learning and organization development, talent management, diversity & inclusion, and wellness. She is also a certified professional coach, specializing in leadership, career, and life coaching. A self-described teacher at heart, Dr. Cornileus loves to read and travel. She’s an avid sports fan and a budding minimalist. Her greatest joy is being a mother and grandmother. 


Dr. Cornileus began her career teaching middle grades in the inner-city of Miami, Florida. This experience had a tremendous impact on Dr. Cornileus’s career, and why even today, she is committed to helping others reach their full potential, accomplish their goals and dreams, and live their best lives. Following her time as a teacher in the classroom, Dr. Cornileus transitioned to a corporate career where she has spent over 25 years helping individuals, teams, and organizations achieve success. She also mentors high school and college students, and young professionals on how to accomplish their goals and navigate their careers. As a coach, Dr. Cornileus coaches high achievers who may be successful in many ways, but find themselves feeling depleted and unfulfilled. She helps them to redefine success on their own terms and achieve a balanced life with more joy, more purpose, and more fulfillment. 


Dr. Cornileus sits on several professional and non-profit boards and is a philanthropist, contributing her time and money to support equity in education and other causes. Serving on the advisory board of Empower Her Network is right up her alley.