Empower Her Network
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The exit out of human trafficking is long and hard.

The Life may have been her way to cope and survive after a life of abuse, neglect and homelessness.

She may have no education, no marketable skills, no job history, no supportive relationships outside of the Life.

She may want to start a new path, but her criminal record makes it difficult to obtain credit cards, housing and a job.

At the same time, she may worry she will have her kids taken away if she asks for help.

She needs a consistent, safe space she can turn to that treats her with unconditional acceptance as she tries to leave the Life.

Empower Her Network assists at this ‘ready’ moment.

We operate from the exit ramp for survivors of human trafficking. In line with best practices working with domestic violence survivors and homeless persons, EHN supports a permanent housing model and career paths that focus on the individual’s unique needs and plans.

Watch The Life Story to the right to learn more and find out steps toward change >>

*Some of the above commentary is from The Life Story website. EHN members and alumni are part of this video series.
No one “saves” the women who are part of our network. They tell us what they need – the barriers that stop their journey to new heights, and we help break them down. They are usually barriers that shouldn’t be there in the first place. Join our Network to become a part of the solution.


in the fight against human trafficking

  • Circumstance is all that separates us from those enslaved
  • Some circumstances can be changed
  • Fiscal independence is key to breaking the cycle of exploitation
  • Readiness matters: a will for independence is essential
  • It is our duty to provide total financial transparency to our donor community


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