Her Posse
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Her Posse

Meet the women making a positive impact on communities everywhere

Board of Directors


Members of Empower Her Network will astound you with what is possible once societal barriers are removed. Abby has seen this first hand, and is a believer in economic solutions to cultural problems.

Abby Fabiaschi

Chair and Co-Founder, Bestselling Author

Former music video model and sex trafficking survivor Rachel Thomas is a dynamic educator who speaks from the heart and aims at the head. EHN is so much stronger with her leadership.

Rachel Thomas

Board Member, Director of Sowers Education Group, Author

It’s a network for a reason. As Vice President of Communications at Aetna, she is a guiding light for board strategy, growth, corporate giving contacts, and helps us get the word out. Amazing.

Crystal Walker

VP, Communications at Aetna, a CVS Health Company

Accomplished lawyer - check, civic leader- check, former television journalist - check, emeritus chair of the board of the Los Angeles Music Center - check and now drumroll please, EHN board member - check!

Lisa Specht

Board Member, Lawyer, Civic Leader and Former Television Journalist
Maureen O’Toole

Living in a world of finance and not having a ton of female role models, Maureen is changing that. Fiscal independence is something Maureen is extremely passionate about, and leads the way in making her mark with EHN.

Maureen O’Toole

Board Member, Head of Investor Development at Wealth Management company

With her parents being born in India, and with trafficking epidemic in India, Chet appreciated the correlation between education and opportunity. EHN Foundation is built around this core.

Chetana Gowda

Secretary of the Board

Committed to making an impact to vulnerable populations for the last 28 years, EHN benefits from his experience and expertise in strategy, program, and philanthropy. AMAZING!!!

Wade Trimmer

Board Member, President, The Change Reaction

At a time when democracy, justice, and basic dignity are under attack, Puja seeks to put her personal and professional energies toward women of color's leaders, governance, and civic power at all levels of society.

Puja Dhawan

Board Member, Leader in Social Justice Philanthropy & Women’s Rights Work

Leading the marketing effort for Empower Her Network is a perfect fit, as Summer cares deeply about this human rights violation happening in her own backyard. Summer brings an expertise in all things branding and marketing and is proud to be part of the anti-trafficking movement.

Summer Taylor

Board Member, Founder + Partner of Exakt Marketing & Local Revival Co.
Kerri McEever

She leads the way as the Treasurer of EHN and understands the power of funding and sustainability. More excel spreadsheets please.

Kerri McKeever

Treasurer of the Board, CFA
Priscilla Angenor

Priscilla Angenor (1978-2020)
Click below to learn how her spirit is weaved into the fabric of Empower Her Network forever.

Priscilla Angenor

Board Member, Immigration Attorney

Advocate Team


Committed to serving survivors across the US and creating opportunities for them to become their own change agents is what Kristy is all about – and having fun on the way!

Kristy Norbert

Co-founder, Executive Director, Northeast Advocate, LCSW
Melba Robinson

If you are in the Anti-Trafficking field in Atlanta, you know Melba. Actually – scratch that- pretty much everyone we talk to nationally is aware of her work and hugely impressed by Melba – especially EHN!

Melba Robinson

Atlanta Empowerment Advocate

Ten years of working with survivors of trafficking, Kate has seen the magic that happens when societal barriers are removed and survivors have a chance to prove themselves. And we have seen the positive explosion that happens when Kate works alongside this path!

Kate Okamoto

NYC Empowerment Advocate
Jaycie Hu

Trauma therapist, experience working with HT survivors, and speaks Mandarin. Who better to navigate the exit ramp then Jaycie!

Jaycie Hu

NYC Empowerment Advocate
Camille Mica

As Camille works on her PhD in psychology while working in the anti-human trafficking for years, California survivors find her warmth and mindfulness exactly what they need as they pursue Destination: Her Choice.

Camille Mica

Southern California Empowerment Advocate
Shamere McKenzie

Activist tied to ground breaking legislation, Consultant, Survivor, Internationally recognized speaker, BALTIMORE EMPOWERMENT ADVOCATE. Charm City rocks.

Shamere McKenzie

Baltimore Empowerment Advocate
Akia Lampkin2

20 plus years experience and life long advocate – Akia is ready and able to rock and roll in Cleveland!

Akia Lampkin

Northeastern Ohio Empowerment Volunteer

Over 15 years experience and a WEALTH of knowledge with all things related to human rights and human trafficking, Lena’s work with survivors and partners is at the forefront of our West Coast becoming so strong. Portland, you don’t know how lucky you are.

Lena S.

Portland Empowerment Advocate

An Advocate of Empower Her Network since inception, Taylor is a natural leader at building relationships through compassion and boundaries. Taylor is an amazing activist for survivors of trafficking and Empower Her Network is grateful for all she adds to this network!

Taylor Loomis, LMSW

NYC Empowerment Advocate

Virginia believes in the power of genuine human connection, compassion, and the absolute necessity of creating individualized treatment plans specific to each client’s unique history, cultural background, socioeconomic status, and goals.

Virginia Jreisat

Chicago Empowerment Advocate

``Empower Her Network exists as an innovator of opportunity and genuine support in the moments that are needed the most. It is great to be a part of an organization that represents a cause which bridges hope and builds new chances to success``

Jessica Hernandez

Southern California Empowerment Advocate

The more Lauren learned about human trafficking, the more driven and passionate she became to help survivors and their families. Ask anyone who knows Lauren, she is dedicated to the movement and doing everything she can to walk with survivors to reach their potential.

Lauren N Benjamin, MSW, VASI

Baltimore Empowerment Advocate

Erica got involved in this work in part because her grandmother was a survivor. She brings her to every encounter she has. Erica believes that survivors can change their story, and that ending is good.

Erica Howard

Ohio Empowerment Advocate

Empower Her Network's partnerships and their approach to the fight against human trafficking, one survivor at a time is something that is needed in the movement. I am honored to be able to walk alongside this journey with women ready to change their lives.

Joshlyn Lawhorn

Tampa Empowerment Advocate

Taking on the role of EHN FIRST EVER Admin, Juliette comes to EHN with a ``can-do, will-do, will figure it out`` type of attitude. Google is her best friend, and we are all stronger and better because of her presence.

Juliette Zamor

Empower Her Network Administrative Assistant

Advisory Network

Katisha Andrews

With a passion for social justice, and racial and gender equality, Katisha works with the Program Committee to help ensure we are always aligned with our practices and policies. Her voice is valuable to our program and the future of EHN.

Katisha Andrew

Coordinator for CILEC (Citiwide Immigrant Legal Empowerment Collaborative)
Kimberly Mehlman-Orozco

An expert researcher on human trafficking, Kimberly guides us on our metrics and helps with the foundation of what to measure. We started off with a research/ business model because of her support and work.

Kimberly Mehlman- Orozco

Accomplished Survey Methodologist, Research Scientist, and Quantitative and Qualitative Consultant on issues related to human trafficking
Lisa Salzer

Lisa, founder of Lulu Frost, created the Empowerment Bracelet alongside survivors of human trafficking to help launch Empower Her Network. She has donated all of the proceeds back to EHN, and has impacted so many survivors because of this impact.

Lisa Salzer-Wiles

Designer and Founder of Lulu Frost Jewelery
Julie Zuraw

Empowered Women Empower Women. Julie, an expert in developing executives and corporate positioning strategy works with EHN Board and Executives on the power of our voices and moving forward with power and sustainability. Because Empowered Women Empower Women/

Julie Zuraw

Founder and CEO of Julie Zuraw Group
Laura Brodsky

“How can I help” was Laura’s call to us? She now focuses her fundraising experience and advocacy on marginalized populations. Thrilled she is on our team!

Laura Brodsky

Community Activist, Fundraiser Extradinaire

Law degree from UCLA? Check.
Entrepreneur? Check.
MBA from there too? Check.
Author or RUNAWAY GIRL? Check.
Survivor of human trafficking who is on our board so she can spread the world and help more survivors sooner? Check.

Carissa Phelps

Board Member, CEO Runaway Girl

Her Ted Talk was inspiring. She built the highly regarded Center for Equity, Gender, and Inclusion (EGAL) at Berkeley and consulted the biggest brands in the world on social impact. Now she’s using her talent and voice to change the trajectory for survivors of human trafficking in the United States. Once you know, you can’t unknow.

Kellie McElhaney

Founding Director, Center for Equity, Gender, and Leadership at Berkeley Haas Business School

Going from teaching 1 course on human trafficking a year at University of Maryland, Christine now impacts 240 students a year who take her classes on human trafficking. They now know what’s up because of Christine, and Christine’s on a mission to educate more through EHN!

Christine White

Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice

When she’s not being a boss in the boardroom, speaking on stage or trying to use a dry erase board to plan her next entrepreneurial idea, Rebecca can be found at home in the beautiful Pacific Northwest – in sweats with a messy bun and a cold foam cold brew.

Rebecca Bender

CEO & Founder, RBI, Survivor Leader and Author of In Pursuit of Love

Valerie is looking forward to using her creative ideas, skills, and knowledge to help EHN's marketing jump to the next level and help as many survivors as possible.

Valerie Bonner

Senior Producer, FCB Chicago

Jennifer believes we are here to do much more and bigger things outside of ourselves. So when the opportunity presented itself to work with EHN, she quickly agreed. With her branding and design experience, she's the perfect person to help take EHN's brand to the next level.

Jennifer Medina-McCormick

Owner/Creative Director, Medina Creative Design

Tonya believes that survivors should be given the option for a new destination - ``Destination; Her Choice.``

Tonya Cornileus

VP of Development, Inclusion and Wellness, ESPN

Part time dog walker and full-time dog mom - McKenna's life was changed forever when she realized human trafficking is happening in her back yard. She is now part of the movement and part of EHN!

McKenna Callahan

EHN's Alumni Coordinator

One of the most powerful, courageous, vulnerable Survivor Leaders in our Network, nothing will stop him. Whether is is working on policy, speaking, or advising EHN with our Program, Cristian offers his full expertise and self. We are smarter because of his committment to this movement.

Cristian Eduardo

Lead Human Trafficking Consultant and Survivor with Shobana Powell Consulting

If there was a definition of what a gender-based violence ACTIVIST is, Maheen's picture would pop up. Committed to a world free from exploitation and abuse, Maheen brings years of knowledge, passion, and collective liberation to Empower Her Network.

Maheen Kaleem

Activist for human rights focusing on gender based violence. Deputy Director at Grantmakers for Girls of Color