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Destination: Her choice.


Join the Network.
During this unprecedented pandemic, donations will support current members and unforeseen hardships until isolation is lifted.

In 2019, after tremendous due diligence evaluating over 400 anti-trafficking programs, NoVo Foundation selected Empower Her Network as a Life Story Grantee. This three-year funding plan underwrites all operating expenses (and then some), allowing 100% of additional donor dollars to go to programming.

Empower Her Network is a 501(c)(3) federal tax-exempt nonprofit, EIN #82-2102421. All donations are fully tax-deductible.

*Please note we are experiencing issues with our donation form in the Safari browser. We recommend using Chrome to fill out the form below until this issue is resolved. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

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Survivor Leader, Board Member, and Advocate for giving – on the difference that each gift makes in transforming life:

I always thought I was made for something better. I knew I could do more, but when it came to how, I’d get stuck. But then a miracle would happen— from a kind word to grocery run by a friend’s parent—and I’d somehow manage to push through, scrambling together enough money for gas, or a textbook, or to rent a single mattress on the floor of a friend’s apartment. Energies spent on making the next step possible were never wasted, but it took enormous effort and some amount of luck, which not every survivor has. That’s why I now sit on the board of Empower Her Network! Empower Her Network pairs a survivor with a trained and equipped local advocate who assists in making sure roadblocks do not become major setbacks and opportunities are not lost over lacking resources for things like security deposits, commuter passes, tuition, and school supplies. An EHN advocate is not only a cheerleader and path-maker, she is also a role model and a connection to another way of living — left alone, it would not have been possible for me to make it to where I am today. And now I am asking you to make the dream possible for more survivors. As you decide on the amount to give, I urge you to remember your own struggles between your past life and the place you are today. Remember who was there for you. Give thanks for that spirit that carried you forward, and let the helpfulness continue!

If interested in partnering, please contact Kristy Norbert